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ok um

2011-04-22 22:59:57 by SonicBoom913

guys im just saying if you want to make a flash or something ill be a voice actor im open for any of that just send me a private txt or comment on rather you want me to voice act


2011-04-08 20:35:11 by SonicBoom913

This is my first stick figure picture.I'm so pleased with it.Tell me what you think in the comments.



2011-02-23 23:09:47 by SonicBoom913

So far I 4 comments on my Sonic The Hedgehog post! I just wanted to say I might make more like that. If I do i'll need some ideas. Comment on what you want me to make and i'll make it.

Check this out

2011-02-06 15:22:27 by SonicBoom913

hey guys i made a new submission! please comment and vote 10/10 for this i worked on this for 2 days.

Check this out

Hey guys

2011-01-31 21:33:01 by SonicBoom913

Thx for the people that commented. Im really happy here at newgrounds. If any of you guys wonder how i made my icon and want to make one,just friend me and ill tell you every thing. One more thing though, If you want to chat,also friend me.

Well hello there

2011-01-30 00:40:42 by SonicBoom913

Well...... ok so its my first time being here. So what? I even like it here to!